Unified Data Analytics

The necessity of collecting, processing and preparing all the data produced by institutions revealed the big data problem that we have been familiar with for years. Data collection, processing and anaNew generation data analytics applications process data in cloud or on-premise solutions. The services we provide to meet this goal;

  • End-to-end data pipeline
  • Data transfer in any source
  • File format conversion
  • Data transformation
  • Data cleansing
  • Data integrity
  • Data model developping
  • ETL/ELT workflow modelling
  • Downstream data enrichment
  • Data analytics
  • Performance stabilization

As Nova DSA, we can list our services such as artificial intelligence decision making mechanisms, future predictions, data clustering, data visualization, pathological data extraction which are widely used by companies today.

  • Data preparing for modelling
  • Determining the appropriate algorithms for use-case scenario
  • Developping big data model
  • Running models multiple times
  • Category and scoring data
  • Learning and relearning models

Cloud Services

As Nova, we also provide Cloud solutions to our partners. Cloud systems are priced over the resources that applications consume while running. This pricing policy, called pay as you go, allows our business partners to use high performance infrastructures where they can easily handle big data at low cost compared to traditional on-premise systems. Cloud systems are one step ahead in the provision of server infrastructures needed for the applications, especially with big data in the field of Data Science.

Data Analytics

SAP PaPM (Profitability and Performance Management)

SAP PaPM (also known as SAP FS-PER), is a native SAP HANA solution, enables high performance profitability analysis, profitability and cost simulations, cash flow modeling, and pricing simulation. It provides what if simulations, ad-hoc reporting in user-friendly environment with minimal IT involvement. It is possible to make multi-dimensional models with integration of internal and external data source and planning capabilities.


SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation)

SAP BPC provides systematic financial planning, budget planning, financial closing and forecasting processes and also facilitates compliance with changing business models. It combines data from SAP and non-SAP system a single source and assists decision driven processes with accurate and consistent estimates. In addition to financial planning and budget processes, solo and consolidated reports can be made in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) format. SAP BPC can work integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP PaPM.


BW4HANA is the data warehouse solution of SAP, located on Hana, provides high performance with big data, flexible and modern interface. Data integration from SAP and non-SAP systems can be made easily with SQL interface. Data can be reported with reporting tools such as SAP Business Objects, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense.

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud, run on SAP Cloud platform, is a new generation cloud solution designed to meet business intelligence requirements with high speed and performance, combined all cloud-based analytics solutions on a single platform. It provides accurate analysis with planning, estimation, reporting and visualization functions on a single screen. Data on all systems can be transferred to the SAP Analytics Cloud with no additional data warehouse solution needed, and web reports, excel reports and also mobile reports can be received. SAP Analytics Cloud can work integrated with SAP BPC.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft’s business intelligence solution of Power BI enables the creation of meaningful reports, visual or dashboard by using data from many different sources. Instant reports, that can be created with ready-made templates, can be easily shared on the web or on mobile devices with user-friendly interface . With a hybrid design, Power BI can work with cloud-based solutions or on-premises hardware. Besides Microsoft applications, SQL databases can be integrated with resources such as SAP and Salesforce.


Tableau products provide to data modeling, data preparation, visualization and report publishing by connecting cloud or on-premise systems. It can be accessed with web and mobile devices with advantage of low cost and rapid solution in self-service analytical reporting by force of user-friendly interface. Beside to its integration with many systems such as Google Analytics, AWS, it offers Openstreet Map infrastructure.

Nova DSA leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Big Data technologies to build higher value technical solutions for customers.