Nova Data Science & Analytics

NovaDSA is a data analytics, AI, cloud architecture, and software development specialist firm.

We assist in the sustainability and digital transformation processes of our partners to achieve their strategic goals by developing suitable applications or using applications of our technology partners. Nova DSA is an AWS and SAP Partner.

We use artificial intelligence algorithms, such as machine learning and deep learning, to create solutions in the field of data analytics ranging from data structuring, integration, management, visualization in Web and Mobile applications.

We deliver decision-driven optimized applications that are able to run on-premise and cloud platforms. Should you choose cloud platforms, we help you discover pay-as-you-go cloud system structures, develop applications on these systems, and offer software development services for Web and Mobile applications using new architectures such as “Serverless” and “Auto Scaling”.

Why “Nova”?

“Novus / Nova / Novum”, which is a Latin adjective, means “New” in English, “Nouveau / Nouvelle” in French, “Yeni” in Turkish.

Our vision is benefit with new, trending solutions. We inform our business partners about new solutions and approaches on the agenda of the world and we have determined it as our mission to be a companion in these solutions.

Technologies We Play With

Nova DSA leverages Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Big Data technologies to build higher value technical solutions for customers.